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The core of The Emerge™ Program is experiential education. Within the scope of the program lie three distinctive themes/phases that provide the umbrella for learning. This program can be offered in three 2-day weekends over a 5-week period, a retreat, or half day sessions over a ten week period, each allowing participants to establishes a firm foundation for transformation.

There are 3 core themes that provide the umbrella for learning: Discover, Embody & Live.

Discover where participants will learn about what has shaped them and how it is impacting their life experience.  Embody, which builds on their previous work in Discovery, participants will learn how to step into their personal power. Live, the final phase, where participants will integrate the learning’s and celebrate the self that can now powerfully emerge into the world. Resources are made available to participants to deepen their learning, which in turn will assist them to cope with the impact change is having in their life, and apply new skills. Upon completion of the full program graduates will be receive ongoing coaching support with our Certified Life Coachs and program leaders.

The heart of the Pathways to Wholeness Life Skills program focuses on the following:

The Job Preparedness training provides:

  • Group coaching support in addressing the challenges and needs of securing employment to include identifying potential road blocks, and developing a plan to address identified need areas
  • Practical hands-on training on job interviewing, to include understanding and responding to questions, body language, etiquette, demeanor/attitude , dress and understanding employer needs
  • Overview of online application process and screening assessments
  • Interview follow-up
  • Staying the course
  • Support resources

The Basic Personal Financial Management training includes:

  • Overview of debt management to include taking responsibility, identifying and utilizing available resources and tools to assist in successfully resolving debt, understanding and managing credit report
  • Practical hands-on training on opening and managing a checking and savings account to include check writing, balancing accounts
  • Basic steps to future home purchase to include overview of ownership pros and cons, outline of purchasing process

The Communication /Conflict Resolution workshop is an engaging full day workshop that  provides tools for participants to utilize in creating and maintaining a foundation of healthy communication. Program content includes:

  • understanding the hidden potential of conflict
  • gaining insight into one's personal approach to conflict
  • learning and practicing tools for constructive communication including active listening and authentic self-expression
  • becoming a powerful communicator and conflict solver

The Power of Our Word

Experiential workshops that allow participants to explore the impact our thoughts and words have in creating our life experience. Participants are given tools that will allow them to successfully integrate the life affirming course principals into their daily lives.
90 min Introduction & ½ day workshop offerings

"Now" The Power The Gift

Experiential workshop that gives participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Power of the Present Moment and how to harness it in creating the lives they dream of.
90 min Introduction & ½ day workshop offerings

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