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Participant Feedback

During the past 10 months of treatment this was the most helpful class to my future career.
Christene G.
All of the facilitators and volunteers were very nice and went the extra mile to ensure I was Prepared to enter the work force again.
Jacquelyn Mc.
From going from nothing I learned valuable tools in all training areas. I was given the time and patience , extra help that was definitely needed.
Pamela E.
I was given step by step instructions & guidance until I mastered it. This program not only builds your job skills it also builds your self esteem.
Bobbi R.
I went on the interview and was given the job.
Nancy C.
I have learned so much from this training that will be useful through out my life.
Jennifer K.
The things Ive learned will last a lifetime, things I'll continue to practice and get better at and I'm sure i ll share a lot of the tips you guys taught with my children to help them succeed.
Leakita M.
I would like to see this program in the schools, work release and also for men.
Paulette W.